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Lingerie Care
Lingerie Care by LingerieMore.com

Every woman loves sexy, flimsy lingerie. They can make a woman feel beautiful inside and out with beautiful textures, dainty designs, and the flimsy material. Be it a babydoll nightdress, a spaghetti strap chemise, a lacy brief and bra set, a structured corset or a chiffon layered tap pant, lingerie in any form can be quite expensive. This is especially so for good lingerie, by well-known designers and brands. This is why you must know how to take good care of your lingerie, just as you would take care of other expensive clothes. Underwear, irrespective of labels and designs, should be washed carefully. Most lingerie comes in satins, lace and silk fabrics, and can easily be destroyed if you are not careful about how you wash or store them. Below are some useful tips for lingerie care. 

Hand Wash Method
The best way to ensure your lingerie is clean and safe for a long time is to wash it by hand. Start by filling your sink or a small basin with lukewarm or cold water. You should always use mild, eco-friendly detergents. Harsh soaps and detergents can damage the delicate material and also give you allergic reactions, if residue is left on garment. If there are any tough stains on the lingerie, you can dab a bit of detergent on the spot and rinse separately after a few minutes. Your garments should be soaked in mild detergent for no more than half an hour. Never wash dark colored lingerie with light colored ones as the colors can run together and ruin your lingerie. Padded areas of your lingerie should be washed thoroughly, but carefully.
Machine Wash Method
Washing lingerie in the machine, although not recommended, can be done using laundry bags especially made for this purpose. Never put your lingerie with other clothing as this can cause your lingerie to lose its shape and get caught on other materials during the cycle. Never mix colors. Keep whites and colors separate. Always remember when machine washing your delicates, never do so on the warm cycle. Underwear should always be washed in cold water. Do not put structured lingerie as under wired bras, corsets with whale bones etc in machines.
Drying your Lingerie
Lingerie should never be dried for long in the machine nor should it be “wrung” thoroughly and left in the sun to dry. However, remember to wash away the detergent thoroughly as this can weaken the fibres of the material and damage the fabric. Lingerie should always be dried in the shade, as sunshine will fade the colors of the lingerie and make it look old too soon. Never “wring” the lingerie as this will take away the natural shape. Squeeze as much of the excess water out and hang or lay it on a towel to dry. If spin drying your lingerie, ensure the spin dry does not last more than 30 seconds or less. Spin drying for too long can damage the shape of the lingerie, especially bras with metal underwire support.
Storing your lingerie is as important as the washing and drying process. If you keep your sexy lingerie for special occasions only, you should never store them in plastic bags as this can attract mold. You can store your lingerie in separate, lined drawers, hang them with hangers or purchase a chest specially designed for storing lingerie. Do not crush or fold your lingerie as this, results in the loss of shape. You should also avoid putting any camphor balls with your lingerie. This causes elasticity loss, especially detrimental to spandex materials.
Corset Care
Corsets can be extremely expensive and therefore, you need to take special care to make sure you keep this item of lingerie as safe as possible. Never wash your corsets. Corsets contain metal fastenings and wires which will rust quickly if you wash it every time you wear it. Therefore, you should consider dry cleaning it to ensure it stays looking new for longer.

As with any possession, your lingerie will last a long time if you look after it properly. Therefore, we hope you would benefit from these simple but essential lingerie care tips, to keep your sexy lingerie as good as new for a long time.

Lingerie care is especially important to ensure that it lasts a long time. Knowing how to care for it in the proper manner will ensure that your lingerie stays looking new for longer. These lingerie case knowledge is summarized by LingerieMore.com, it contains lots of information provided by our customres. Please do *not* copy and paste the contents here. LingerieMore keeps the rights to sue any offenders.

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